Welcome, yo!

I know you’re busy. But lasting happiness doesn't happen accidentally... It happens strategically. 

Great job on being honest with yourself and daring to step out of your comfort zone.

The following questions will be like a mini-coaching session that'll help bring you more clarity right now.

Note: Please bring your A-Game to this application. I get a lot of applications and I only reach out to those who I feel are really inspired to play full-out and create results!
Ok - let's do it.
What's your first name? *

Sweet, {{answer_36911800}}! How about your last name?

Or as they say in some fancy parts of the world, your "SURNAME".
How about your phone number?

You can expect at least one drunken prank call from me...
What's your location?

City and country, please.
And what's your age?

In human years, not dog years.
Looking good for {{answer_36911804}}, {{answer_36911800}}. :)

Now, how do you earn a living?

And what's your salary range?

What other personal growth programs (if any) have you done?

Approximately, how long have you been following my work?

Tell me, why do you think you're a good candidate to do coaching with me?

Three years from now, you look back, and say:

“Doing coaching with Jacob was one of the best decisions of my life.”

Why? What's different about your life?

What’s your biggest dream? What’s your biggest fear?

And how do you intend to handle them, even if we don't start a coaching relationship?

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