Welcome to The Inner Game Immersion application.

This is a 10-week training club where I bring together an elite group to join me in becoming stronger, smarter, and more successful in all areas of life.

For you, this application will be like a mini-coaching session that'll bring more clarity right now. For us, it'll help us ensure we bring together the best group possible.

Give yourself approximately 10 minutes to complete the application now by responding to each question wholeheartedly...

...and please will ya have some mother-loving fun here.
Let the games begin, yo!
What's your first name, soul-sibling? *

Sweet, {{answer_39895719}}! How about your last name?

Or as they say in some fancy parts of the world, your "SURNAME".
How about your phone number?

You can expect at least one drunken prank call from me...
What's your location these days?

City and country, please.
And what's your age?

In human years, not dog years.
Daaaaamn. Looking good for {{answer_39895723}}, {{answer_39895719}}.

Now, how do you earn a living?

Tell me, why do you think you're a good candidate for The Inner Game Immersion?

Three years from now, you look back, and say:

“Doing The Inner Game Immersion was one of the best decisions of my life.”


This program will require a significant investment of time, energy and money.

Are you willing to invest in yourself to achieve the results you want in life?

Remember, courage is not the absence of fear. It's the willingness take action anyway.
What’s your biggest dream? What’s your biggest fear?

And how do you intend to handle them, even if you’re not accepted into The Inner Game Immersion?

Once you submit your application, we'll be in touch about scheduling a time to personally connect with you.
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